Dyson's new luxury pad in Singapore features an infinity pool and an indoor waterfall. Guz Architects.

It looks like billionaire Sir James Dyson intends to stay for a while.

According to The Straits Times the man best known for his bagless vacuum cleaners dug deep into his wallet and bought a second exclusive property just weeks after spending a reported US$54 million on the city state’s most expensive penthouse.

This time, real estate sources say Dyson spent US$33 million on a luxury pad overlooking the famous Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The home features an infinity pool and an indoor waterfall and comes just weeks after he snapped up the city-state’s priciest penthouse, according to Forbes magazine.

The 21,000-square-foot penthouse on the 62nd to 64th floor of Guoco Tower boasts five bedrooms, a private swimming pool, cabana, jacuzzi room, a private bar and a stunning panoramic city view.

Dyson’s decision to relocate to Singapore to oversee the production of his new electric car venture was largely controversial in the U.K., as he backed the Brexit movement — only to move his headquarters to Singapore before it was finalized.

When asked why he chose Singapore, Dyson said his decision was based on the availability of engineering talent and the city’s proximity to its target markets, namely China.

The structure makes use of large cantilevers and horizontal planes to “make the building float.” Guz Architects.

Online photos for the apartment, featured by Guz Architects, displays a winding swimming pool that passes through the home, and a cascading waterfall set into a landscaped garden.

“We made use of large cantilevers and horizontal planes to make the building float and give it lightness when viewed from the road,” the company’s website states.

“Upon entry, the rear conceals a sunken courtyard and pool to allow light into the basement. A human scale and comfort is achieved through the use of warm materials and allowance for cross ventilation. Photovoltaic cells cover the attic roof.”

Meanwhile, Dyson’s US$3 billion electric car project remains a closely guarded secret, although he has indicated the car would be a premium vehicle costing about the same as a Tesla 3, and it would be capable of off-road performance.

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