Recycling bins. Photo: iStock/shilh

Shanghai has adopted digitalised collection bins that allow real-time monitoring on how citizens dispose their household waste, in an effort to improve waste sorting and management across the city.

The first intelligent garbage bins were installed in May in the Puer Ercun Community on No. 425 Pule Road Minhang District of Shanghai. They have an access control system, a digital screen and a surveillance camera, the Paper reported.

The bin, which is connected to the Internet, supports user identification and scanning of garbage, which can then analyse and calculate the accuracy of the waste classification in real time.

The Tianlin 12th Village in Xuhui District was another test site. The newly-renovated smart garbage bin has been assigned to specific households where residents are given a smart key card to open the bin at designated times.

When the card is used, basic information of the resident or the household is immediately transmitted to the neighborhood committee.

Any residents who attempts to evade the system by throwing trash outside the box could also be identified the use of the card will identify users disposing of a less than normal amount of garbage.

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