China hopes to launch a supersonic civil aircraft by 2035. Its progress can be seen in this HD-1 supersonic cruise missile displayed during the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in southern Guangdong province in 2018. Photo: AFP

China hopes to launch a prototype of a supersonic civil aircraft by 2035, a senior engineer at the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment under the state-owned Aviation Industry of China, said in a Global Times report.

“Developing ‘green’ supersonic civil aircraft is currently a hot research topic internationally, as well as the direction of future aerospace development,” senior engineer Xu Yue, told China Central Television.

Other countries including the US, Japan and some European countries have also announced ‘concepts’ for supersonic civil planes.

China has already made breakthroughs in some of the key technologies like reducing air resistance and sonic boom, the report said.

“We hope that, through our own technological development and continued scientific investment, we can launch our own supersonic civil aircraft prototype in around 2035,” Xu said.

The bid to create a green supersonic civil aircraft is listed among 20 key technical problems that China is working to achieve, the China Association for Science and Technology announced at its annual meeting held in Harbin, in northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province.

Making a supersonic civil aircraft is of great significance because it usually takes more than 10 hours for subsonic civil aircraft currently in use for a long distance flight across continents and oceans. A supersonic aircraft can fly more than twice as fast, which would solve the problem of long travel times, the CCTV report said.

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