Like 'Moses parting the Red Sea,' protesters move aside to let the ambulance drive through. Photo: Screen-grab from YouTube

Incredible videos showing the millions of protesters on Hong Kong’s streets have gone viral on social media and include the moment when a huge number of people parted in an orderly manner to let an ambulance through the multitude to reach a person who had fallen ill.

Hongkongers numbering an estimated 1.03 million and two million respectively took on the streets on two consecutive Sundays to demand the administration retract an extradition bill amendment that would have allowed fugitives to be sent to mainland China.

On June 23, the two million people – about 25% of the city’s population – took to the streets in a peaceful protest and a show of people power at its finest.

One video which went viral showed protesters parting in an orderly manner to make way for an ambulance on Harcourt Road near the Hong Kong Government Headquarters in Admiralty.

When the ambulance arrived, people at the front signaled with their hands to people at the back to move aside in an orderly manner to create a path for the ambulance to drive through.

The ambulance was called to take a protester who had fainted to a hospital for medical treatment. On social media, many people praised the protesters’ actions and described it as “Moses parting the Red Sea.”

In another video, tens of thousands of protesters were seen marching slowly. Meanwhile, many praised the level of tidiness in Hong Kong after so many people had marched – some of the protesters stayed overnight and cleaned up the streets.

Some young protesters returned to the scene in the middle of the night carrying garbage bags and helped clear up the rubbish left behind by others. They even sorted the recyclables and unused materials then cleaned up the rubbish.

Some protesters set up recycling booths along the routes used in the two rallies. Plastic bottles, placards and rubbish were carefully sorted and put into separate bags.

Because there were so many recycled items, the volunteers asked for help to send the recyclables to central collection points and protesters formed a human chain to move the bags.

Protesters clean up the road after the rally. Photo: Facebook/結束一桶專棄

Hong Kong’s youngsters showed the world their dedication to stopping the extradition law amendments and Chief Executive Carrie Lam as the rallies were held around the final exam period for schools.

Photos also surfaced which showed many students holding their notes and books to study while they were in the middle of the protest, marching slowing to government headquarters.

Students holding their books during the rally. Photo: Facebook

On June 12 when clashes happened between protesters and police, a group of young people, wearing raincoats marked with a blue cross, face masks and goggles, formed a human wall to protect a first aid station outside Admiralty MTR station.

Across the street from them was the government headquarters where riot police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and bean bag bullets at the protesters, the reported.

Pierre Chan Pui-yin, a lawmaker from the medical functional constituency, said he received complaints that police fired tear gas at a first aid station at the intersection of Harcourt Road and Rodney Street in Admiralty.

The volunteers at the first aid station said they had clearly displayed across to identify their purpose, while the volunteers all wore highly visible safety vests. Chan urged the police force to carry out a thorough investigation into the matter.

Police shoot tear gas at the first aid station in Admiralty. Photo: Facebook/Pierre Chan

Police Commissioner Stephen Lo Wai-chung and Chief Executive Carrie Lam classified the June 12 clashes as a riot, saying the protesters threw bricks and sharpened steel poles at police officers at the same vicinity.

However, photos and videos showed tear gas flying above the protesters’ heads and them running around trying to douse the flames and gas.

As the images and videos were released and went viral on various social media platforms all over the world, Hong Kong protesters received immense praise for setting a very positive example for future protesters.

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