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Shanghai is planning to overhaul its management of domestic waste and enforce some new laws next month.

As of June 13, more than 39,000 officers from the Shanghai Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau have carried out more than 12,600 inspections at a total of 20,491 locations.

These included 9,376 households, 3,289 premises at government or state-owned enterprises and 1,513 commercial buildings and large-scale shopping malls, reported.

A total of 12,426 people received verbal reminders and 7,074 notices of proper waste classification were issued. A total of 989 violations were issued.

By the end of June the urban management department will step up implementation and enforcement in four areas.

The first is to speed up education in small communities, reaching out to more than 12,000 residential units across the city. An enforcement team will visit local communities once a week to guide the general public to participate in the classification of domestic waste and instruct property management to set up garbage sorting containers, and how to dispose and transport the sorted recyclables away.

The second is to carry out full coverage of law enforcement inspections. Starting from July, law enforcement officers will strengthen inspections over the city’s 230 domestic garbage collections. In August, key inspections will be focused on the garbage disposal stage, with heavier inspections on 20 domestic waste transfer and disposal locations.

The third is to carry out enhanced investigations over the entire garbage handling process from sorting, collection, transport and disposal of domestic waste. Anyone violating would receive penalties. For enterprises which violate the laws and refuse to make corrections, their business licenses will be revoked.

The fourth is to speed up the construction of a long-term management mechanism between the Shanghai Urban Management and other departments to help make a greener city.

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