Shanghai, China. Many Chinese corporations operate only in the domestic market and enjoy considerable protection from the state. Photo: iStock/zorazhuang

Shanghai wants to become an intelligent manufacturing hub – that is, a city that specializes in processes that use the combined intelligence of people, processes and machines to get better and more economic outcomes.

The Chinese city hopes to export “intelligent manufacturing solutions” by the end of 2021,  local government officials said at a conference on Monday.

On June 24, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization announced a three-year plan on intelligent manufacturing from 2019 to 2021, outlining aims and specific planning required for these processes at the 2019 Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Conference, The Paper reported.

Wu Jincheng, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, said that intelligent manufacturing would serve as a core force driving high-quality development, as well as transforming and upgrading industrial production.

By the end of 2021, Shanghai wants to achieve 100 critical breakthroughs in regard to intelligent manufacturing equipment, industry software and key components.

The city wants to nurture at least 10 businesses to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market. They would take the lead in formulating 50 criteria on intelligent manufacturing, and build two or three national service platforms for intelligent manufacturing.

The city will cultivate 10 large suppliers of intelligent manufacturing, with 100 intelligent manufacturing factory models and 1,000 enterprises they hope to transform or upgrade by 2021.

More importantly, the city wants to promote and apply intelligent manufacturing in six key industry sectors – automobiles, information engineering, civil aviation, biomedicine, high-end manufacturing and “green chemistry”.

And Shanghai will build a “core and belt” cluster for intelligent manufacturing, with Lingang as the core or world-class center for intelligent manufacturing while the belt would consist of industrial areas in Pudong, Minhang, Jiading, Baoshan and Songjiang.

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