Liu (Right) subduing the suicidal man. Photo: Baidu.

An intoxicated man in Hangzhou, China, was stopped from committing suicide after a female police chief snatched a knife from the man’s hands.

On May 24, the police station in the Jinshahu area received a distress call from a woman that her husband was attempting to commit suicide, reported. Station chief Liu Feng and several of her subordinates went to the scene, where they were greeted with the strong smell of alcohol.

When the police entered the apartment they found a man in the bedroom holding a knife who told them to not enter.

The whole incident was caught on a video clip. The man can be heard saying: “If you come any closer I’ll kill myself right away. You keep your distance and I will take it easy.”

Police realised he was high on drugs and was also drunk. It was later revealed that he was depressed due to crippling debt and his wife’s decision to leave him.

The man’s wife had previously signed an expensive insurance policy for their son, which pressured him into working harder for money, and his business started accumulating debt.

His wife also suspected he was having an affair, which soured their marriage even further. His father, who thought his son put too much emphasis on money, disapproved of him as well.

During the confrontation with police, Liu saw an opening when the man loosened his grip on the knife and managed to take the knife from him. The man was secured and was taken to the hospital.

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