Canadian Conservative Party Leader and Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer. Handout.

Canadians have different opinions on how to deal with China amid the spiralling trade war between the two nations, according to the Canada West Foundation.

Relations have soured after the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver at the behest of the US, where prosecutors want her to stand trial for allegedly violating sanctions against Iran. Meng is in a desperate court battle to fend off possible extradition to the US, where many feel she would not get a fair trial.

Meanwhile, Canadians remain split on the subject. Lawrence Herman argued in The Globe and Mail that Canada must use trade war tools, such as the Customs Tariff Act to apply trade restrictive measures, the Canada West Foundation reported.

This idea was rejected by Susan Riley in The Hill Times, who argued that Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer’s radical ideas about deploying retaliatory measures against China are bound to fail, because,”We need China and China doesn’t need us. Retaliating can do a lot more damage to Canada than we can do to them.”

Some Canadians also believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s naive policy on China is not helping the situation either.

According to the report, Amy Karam stated in The Hill Times that China’s anger is not just about Meng Wanzhou, but also because over the last few years, “Canada mistakenly showed up with past assumptions, its own values, and took a lead in telling China how it wanted the trade game to be played.”

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