The police search for bodies in Cyprus in April. Photo: YouTube.

A body belonging to what is thought to be the seventh victim of a serial killer in Cyprus has been found by police on the Mediterranean island.

The remains of a six-year-old Filipino girl were found in Lake Memi, southwest of the capital Nicosia, on June 12, GMA News Online reported. She was the daughter of the ‘first’ victim, who was identified to be Marry Rose Tiburcio.

According to Reuters, a suitcase containing the body of missing Filipina Marciar Valdeze was also found by local police.

A 35-year-old Greek Cypriot army captain has been detained since April 2018 for the suspected killing of at least five adult women and the daughters of two of the victims.

The suspect, who met the women online, who made written confessions to the police. Most of the victims were employed as housekeepers in Cyprus and disappeared between September 2016 and August 2018.

The gruesome slayings have outraged citizens on Cyprus. The police chief was dismissed from his post and the justice minister resigned after reports were revealed of bungled investigations by the police. The police allegedly did not take the disappearance of the foreign women seriously.

The body of Marry Rose Tiburcio was found by tourists who were taking pictures of a flooded mining shaft in late April. The discovery of her daughter Sierra is presumed to be the last victim, despite earlier speculation that many more missing women – mostly Asian – may have been killed.

The Cypriot government has said they will cover the costs of the victims’ funerals.

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