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A 49-year-old Vietnamese domestic worker was arrested in Macau on Monday after allegedly using her employer’s ATM card to steal a total of 230,000 patacas (US$28,460) over the course of several months.

The crime came to light after the employer, a 60-year-old woman, wanted to withdraw some money from her bank but was shocked to find there was not enough left in her account, Oriental Daily reported.

After an investigation, Judiciary Police determined that the Vietnamese domestic worker, who had been employed by the woman for six years, stealthily monitored the password when she accompanied her employer to withdraw money from an automated teller machine.

The worker then allegedly stole the ATM card and withdrew money around 80 times since November last year. Each time, she stole around 500 to 4,000 patacas. Then she put the ATM card back where it belonged.

She also deliberately deleted all the messages on the employer’s phone that the bank sent, reported.

Police say the worker admitted that she used the stolen money for gambling in the casinos and for her daily expenses.

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