Drugs produced in the Golden Triangle come across Cambodia and into Vietnam. Photo: iStock

Police in Vietnam arrested a local man on May 12 after he was caught with 64 kilograms of methamphetamine and heroin he had bought in from Cambodia.

Authorities had been watching 41-year-old Truong Quoc Cuong for days before they arrested him on May 12, VN Express reported. Border guards and police officers raided his house in Vinh Hung district on Long An province and seized 57kg of crystal meth and 7kg of heroin.

Truong confessed that the drugs, which were hidden in packets of powdered milk and tea, were brought in from Cambodia to Vietnam for domestic use.

Vietnam’s top drug officials spoke at a conference last week, pointing out that the country’s long borders and loopholes have turned it into a major hub for drug trafficking. A significant amount of drugs were brought in from the Golden Triangle, an are covering of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, and smuggled through Cambodia.

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