Authorities in Vietnam are moving quickly to contain the outbreak. Photo: YouTube

African swine fever has been discovered in a province in Vietnam that is the major producer of pork in the country and authorities have moved quickly in an attempt to stop it spreading.

The deadly disease has been discovered on two farms in Dong Nai province, the country’s major producer of pork.

The two farms are in Nhon Trach and Trang Bom districts, VN Express reported. According to local authorities, farm animals within a radius of three kilometers of the two farms are at risk of catching the disease.

The infected areas have been quarantined, with nearby slaughterhouses being closed temporarily and sick pigs being put down.

Dong Nai has more than 2.5 million pigs, making it the province with the largest number of pigs in the country. Up to 75% of the pigs are raised on large farms and the rest are raised by households. It is the first province in the southern part of the country to be hit by the strain.

More than 85,000 pigs have been culled in Vietnam since the fever was first reported.

However, northern parts of the country, including the capital Hanoi, have reported that the fever has subsided, with no new cases reported in the last 30 days.

Vietnam is the third country to be affected by African swine fever after China and Mongolia. It was first detected in the northern Chinese province of Hung Yen on February 1 before it spread across the country.

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