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Two Vietnamese workers were killed when burglars who broke into their apartment in Angola and stabbed them to death. On May 20, Nguyen Trong Duc, 47, and his sister-in-law Tran Thi Thu Huong, 40, were fatally attacked by a group of burglars at around 2am in their rented property, VN Express reported.

Local authorities have yet to disclose details about the case. The incident was made public last Thursday, when the Vietnamese Embassy in Angola made the announcement.

Authorities in Ha Tinh, where the victims were from in Vietnam’s North Central Coast region, said their families were working with the embassy to have the remains brought home.

Huong was reportedly going through tough times after her husband died, with her two children being raised by their grandmother.

There have been other cases of Vietnamese workers being killed in Angola, notably in robberies. A 38-year-old female worker named Nguyen Thi Dao was stabbed to death in a robbery in 2017.

In 2014, recruitment firms in Vietnam were given licenses to send workers to the African country. However, thousands of Vietnamese workers are employed in the construction industry under short-term and/or unofficial contracts.

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