Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Two Indonesian men were arrested by Macau Judiciary Police for allegedly stealing 130,000 patacas (US$16,560) from a mainland Chinese man on Friday. The Chinese man and his girlfriend went to Macau for a visit on Thursday and withdrew the cash from a bank, Hou Kong Daily reported. The man put the money into a clutch bag then put it into his backpack.

At around 3pm, the couple found that the backpack had been opened and the clutch bag, together with all the cash, had disappeared. He reported the theft to the police.

Judiciary police investigated surveillance camera footage and spotted two suspects following the victim and his girlfriend after they withdrew the money from the bank.

When the couple were waiting to cross a road, the men in the video, using an umbrella as cover, opened the backpack and stole the money and ran off, police say.

The two suspects then boarded a taxi. They took the cash and left the bag and the victims’ identity documents in a trash bin.

After the investigation, police officers arrested the two men, both aged 35 and identified as Indonesian nationals. One the men was unemployed while the other was said to be a car-maintenance technician.

The men denied committing the crime and refused to tell police where the money had gone. They were sent to the public prosecution office for further questioning.

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