Gang rivals on the street in Yuen Long in the New Territories. Photo: Facebook/Ray Ho

Three asylum seekers were arrested and hospitalized after two gangs of South Asian men brawled in Yuen Long in the New Territories in broad daylight on Sunday.

At 3 pm, a dispute arose between two gangs of South Asians while one gang was having drinks at a football pitch on Kit Yueng Road in Yuen Long, the Oriental Daily reported.

A video clip taken by an onlooker showed two gangs of about 20 South Asians fighting near the football pitch. Some men were screaming and others holding glass bottles as they chased after their rivals.

As it was a Sunday, many domestic workers were gathered at the scene. When the fight broke out, they immediately left, leaving their belongings and mattresses.

The video showed one man being caught by the rival gang. He was subdued and was attacked by two rival gang members with glass bottles to his head. The man was bleeding from a head wound.

Police from Yuen Long’s anti-triad squad were called but arrived after most of the gang members had run away, leaving three injured men behind, including two Pakistani asylum seekers aged 50 and 32 from the same gang and a 27-year-old Bangladeshi asylum seeker from the rival gang.

Police were hunting the rest of the South Asian men involved in the street fight. Many local residents urged authorities to address the crime problem in Yuen Long district.

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