Police conduct a search in the anti-terrorist operation. Photo: YouTube.

Three suspects with possible links to terror groups have been arrested by the Indonesian National Police counter-terrorist squad.

On May 14, the Densus 88 arrested a suspect identified as A, 25, in the Gumpang subdistrict of Kartasura, Sukoharjo, The Jakarta Post reported. He is alleged to have connections with terror suspects who were previously arrested in East and West Java.

Local neighborhood head Nur Alim said A is from Magelang, Central Java and made a living by running an eatery next to his house where he also sold traditional drinks.

On the same day, two other suspects identified as IH and AMF were arrested in the Sragen area, also for suspicion of being linked to terrorists.

According to Central Java Police chief Rycko A. Dahniel, the suspects arrested were all newcomers in their respective neighborhoods. He urged citizens to exercise caution with newcomers.

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