The youngster was stabbed and killed. Photo: iStock

A teenager in South Jakarta, Indonesia, died after being stabbed during a Ramadan gathering on the road on Saturday.

Danu Satria, 16, was attacked by a mob at a Sahur on the Road event on Jl Dr Satrio just outside a Buddhist temple in Karet Kuningan, Setiabdui, at 1:05 am on May 18, The Jakarta Post reported. The event saw youngsters in motorbike convoys having their pre-dawn meal for the fast outdoors.

According to police, Satria was on a motorcycle with his younger brother and stopped in front of the temple when a group of bikers went by. Satria then got into an argument with the bikers, which escalated and ended up with one of them stabbing him in the chest.

He was rushed to a hospital in a taxi but gave in to his wounds on the way. Authorities are on the hunt for the killers.

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