Sau Mau Ping, Kowloon Photo: Google Maps

Ten Hong Kong primary school students were sent to hospital with suspected food poisoning after eating a snack made in China.

Three primary six students of Kwun Tong Government Primary School in Kowloon told their teachers that they felt ill and vomited after eating the snack, news website reported.

The school called the police and sent five boys and five girls to hospital.

It was understood that one of the pupils bought a bag of salt-baked spicy chicken from mainland China earlier and brought it to school and shared it with nine of his friends.

The students ate the dried chicken snack during a recess. Later, three of them became unwell and vomited.

For safety reasons, the school sent all ten pupils to hospital for treatment and a checkup.

The bag of salt-baked spicy chicken which was made with chicken, salt, chilli and spice and food additives, was produced by famous Guangdong snack company Wuqiong. Its factory is in Chaozhou in Eastern Guangdong province.

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