Habitat Apartment Complex. Photo: Google Maps.

A woman whom the police described as a karaoke parlor hostess and part-time sex worker, was robbed and murdered after a quarrel over money in her apartment in Banten, Indonesia last Saturday.

The victim, identified only as T, 21, agreed to meet the 37-year-old suspect AS at around 5pm on May 11, The Jakarta Post reported. Authorities recovered chat history on the messaging app WeChat, which showed T asking AS for 400,000 Rupiahs (US$27.80) as a payment. However, AS reportedly showed up with only 50,000 Rupiahs.

After a quarrel took place shortly after AS arrived at T’s apartment at the Habitat Apartment Complex in Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, AS allegedly strangled the woman with a phone-charging cable.

Two hours later, T’s boyfriend AA, 30, discovered her naked body with her hands and feet bound. After trying and failing to revive her, he alerted his neighbors and the case was reported to the local police.

Upon examination, it was discovered that some of the victim’s valuables were missing, including a sling bag, jewelry, two mobile phones and a wallet containing 5 million Rupiahs (US$346.)

Using CCTV footage from the apartment complex, police were ultimately able to identify and locate AS, who was arrested at the house of a relative in Tangerang on May 12.

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