A banner indicating "For non-Muslims only" Photo: YouTube.

On May 7, the Padang Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) in Indonesia raided restaurants and eateries that were open during the day during the fasting month of Ramadan.

The Satpol PP conducted raids in the Pondok area and found 10 restaurants were open but had failed to declare that they were serving non-Muslims only, The Jakarta Post reported.

Al Amin, the head of the Satpol PP said their officers put banners reading “Only for the non-Muslim” on the restaurants. He said that the raid was justified as the mayor of Padang, West Sumatra had issued a circular ordering restaurants to only be open during Iftaar, the time when Muslims break their fasts.

Entertainment establishments including karaoke bars were also required to shut down during the holy month. Mayor Mahyeldi Ansharullah said citizens who are not fasting should respect those who are.

Al Amin added that should the restaurants remove the banners, they will be sanctioned in other, more serious ways.

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