The Gegana bomb disposal unit. Photo: YouTube

An old but still active military bomb that was found in the Thousand Islands in Indonesia was defused and dealt with by police on May 5.

Dadi Suhendar, an officer of the Thousand Islands Water Management Agency, was digging a trench on Untung Jawa Island when he found the bomb at about 9:30 am on May 5, The Jakarta Post reported.

He called police, who sent 10 officers to secure the bomb and take it to a safe place where it could be dismantled. The bomb was taken to the Gegana, the Indonesian Police Anti-Terror Unit, headquarters in Petamburan, Central Jakarta. It was reportedly defused and destroyed there.

According to Thousand Islands police chief Bambang Budi Hastono, the bomb weighed about 60 kilograms and may have been there since the colonial era. He added that it could have been dropped from a plane and failed to explode after hitting the ground.

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