A dalmatian dog. Photo: iStock

A pet dog in Jakarta died after being set alight by a neighbor and police are now investigating the incident.

Christian Joshua Pale, a representative of the Sarana Metta Indonesia Foundation – an animal rights and rescue group – tried to save the mixed dalmatian before it succumbed to its wounds on May 10, The Jakarta Post reported.

He said the dog was allegedly hit by a glass bottle filled with gasoline and set on fire by a neighbor. Pale stated that the dog, named Lucky, was in its cage when the neighbor urinated right next to him and the dog scratched him. The infuriated neighbor demanded the dog be moved elsewhere and threatened to burn it if it wasn’t moved.

Melly, the dog’s owner, did not move Lucky as she was at the mosque for prayers that evening. She arrived home to find Lucky with critical burns. A team from Saran Metta accompanied Melly at the police station and filed a complaint. Police secured the scene and confiscated several items as evidence.

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