The newly launched MRT system in Jakarta. Photo: YouTube.

The newly launched metro rail in Jakarta has proved to be a success. However, Jakarta MRT has reported that about 100,000 single-trip cards have yet to be returned for reimbursement, as people hoard them as souvenirs.

Jakarta MRT corporate secretary Kamaluddin said a number of passengers wanted to keep the single-trip cards as reminders of the time they took a ride on the country’s first mass rapid-transit system, The Jakarta Post reported.

While many passengers kept the cards and did not claim their reimbursement, the MRT has enough new cards for passengers. According to Kamaluddin, the MRT has set aside 490,000 single-trip cards for the MRT’s first phase of operation.

He added that about 30% of the passengers use single-trip cards every day. The rest use electronic money cards that are issued by different banks.

In April, about 82,000 passengers were carried by the Jakarta MRT each day. In May, the inventory of single trip cards will be increased by 300-400 cards as the company expects a rise in passenger numbers.

The cost of a single trip card is 15,000 rupiah (US$1.05) plus the ticket fare. Passengers can claim back the 15,000 rupiah when they return the card upon arriving at their destination.

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