Ottawa, Canada. Photo: iStock

A Filipino caregiver was deported from Canada after it was found that she had been working there illegally for five years.

Marjorie Gaceta, who came to Canada in 2014, was arrested by officers of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) last week. Gaceta was detained and then brought to an immigration judge for sentencing,” ABS-CBN News reported.

According to Julie Diesta, a caregiver rights’ advocate, Gaceta’s employer asked her to leave when she refused to take care of her employer’s children. Gaceta had been originally hired to take care of an elderly ward with high medical needs.

“Her employer got mad at her and told her to leave if she didn’t want to work. She left since their relationship was already strained,” Diesta said.

After leaving her employer and after her work permit expired, Gaceta worked illegally in Canada in order to support her children and husband, who later died of cancer.

Gaceta was escorted by authorities to the airport on May 1 for her flight back home to the Philippines. The Filipina was handed a less harsh “exclusion order” penalty, which will make it possible for her to go back to work in Canada after one year.

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