Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The country is not known for promoting its cultural assets, but that is changing. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were named the two top countries for employment for Filipino migrant workers.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the number of Filipinos working overseas from April to September last year was estimated at 2.3 million. Of those, 24.3% worked in Saudi Arabia, which was named the top employment destination for Filipinos.

The UAE emerged as the next most popular destination, attracting 15.7% of migrant workers. Other highly-rated destinations for Filipinos were Hong Kong, Kuwait, Taiwan and Qatar.

The PSA said there were more female migrant workers than male workers, with Filipino women comprising 55.8% of the total number of Filipino migrant workers. Female workers were generally younger than male workers, with about half of the women belonging to the age group 25 to 34 years.

The report also said that the most in-demand jobs include elementary occupations or unskilled workers (37.1%), sales and service workers (18.8%), plant and machine operators and assemblers (13.8%).

From April to September last year, it was reported that the total amount of remittances sent home by Filipino migrant workers was estimated at 235.9 billion pesos (approximately US$4.5 billion), which included cash sent home (169.4 billion pesos), cash brought home (55.2 billion pesos) and remittances in kind (11.2 billion pesos).

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