Drug crimes have long been an issue in Vietnam. Photo: YouTube

Authorities in Vietnam arrested six people on May 14 who were accused of running a methamphetamine distribution ring near Ho Chi Minh City.

Police in the beach town of Vung Tau said they had arrested a total of six members, including the leader, of a meth ring, VN Express reported. Le Hai Duong, 38, was identified as the ring leader. He had previously been sentenced to eight years in jail in 2011 for dealing drugs.

In 2017, he was released from jail and allegedly went to Ho Chi Minh City to set up a new ring dealing in meth. He took a back seat and let Pham Van Liem, 42, run the transactions with distributors and dealers in Vung Tau.

Pham was caught distributing half a kilogram of meth in Vung Tau more than a month ago. After this, Le lost trust in his subordinates and decided to do the transactions himself. On April 10, he was arrested with 130 grams of meth in Tan Binh district in HCMC.

Every year, Vietnamese authorities deal with about 20,000 cased linked to drugs, with 30,000 people arrested annually. The most commonly used drug in the country is heroin, but synthetic drugs have been on the rise, especially among partying youth.

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