Depok, Indonesia. Photo: iStock

Five juveniles were arrested in Depok, Indonesia for allegedly stabbing a man to death after they mistook him for a member of a rival gang.

On May 1, the victim—known only as RAS—was having a cup of coffee with a friend at a street stall when they noticed two groups of teens fighting near the Proklamasi police post, The Jakarta Post reported.

According to local police chief Deddy Kurniawan, they left the stall to watch the altercation move to Jalan Proklamasi, which happened to be on RAS’ way home. While he walked home, he was spotted by some of the teenagers, who mistook him for a member of the rival gang.

They chased him down and slashed him with sickles, killing him on the spot.

Five suspects were arrested from their homes on Jalan Baru Proklamasi in the Sukmajaya district. The police are currently questioning witnesses and gathering evidence for the case.

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