Edmonton, Canada. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Canadian man has been found guilty of first-degree murder for killing a Filipino convenience store clerk in Edmonton, Canada.

The incident happened in December 2015 when Colton Steinhauer and two other people tried to rob two convenience stores. One of the robbers, Laylin Delorme, was carrying a gun, while Steinhauer had a knife, ABS-CBN News reported.

The trio went to a convenience store in southeast Edmonton, where a store clerk identified as Karanpal Bhangu was shot and killed. The three took money and cigarettes from the store.

Later, the three traveled to a different store and robbed and assaulted Filipino worker Ricky Cenabre, who also died from gun wounds after being shot in the back by Steinhauer.

The three were arrested after a police officer identified Steinhauer from security footage.

In June 2018, Delorme was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder. Then last week, Steinhauer, like Delorme, was sentenced to life in prison.

The third culprit, who was a minor aged 13 at the time of the crime, was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter, a crime which carries a maximum sentence of three years.

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