A mainland Chinese man shocked Hong Kong netizens when shown in a women's toilet waiting for two friends. Photo: Facebook

A photo went viral over the weekend apparently showing a man accompanying friends into a women’s washroom in a Hong Kong shopping mall, with netizens further triggered by being told the man was a mainland Chinese.

A netizen named Alle Alal uploaded two photos to a Facebook group and said she witnessed a man who spoke Mandarin going inside a women’s washroom in a Tsim Sha Tsui mall on Friday, news website HK01.com reported.

The man was seen waiting for two female friends inside the bathroom for a few minutes. Then the trio left the washroom as if nothing untoward had happened, which prompted Alal to take their photos.

The photos clearly showed that the man, wearing a green T-shirt, preparing to leave the washroom. They also clearly showed a sign on the door indicating that it was a women’s washroom.

The morally outraged netizen said she couldn’t tolerate this kind of nonsense, and she had filed a complaint to security at the shopping mall.

The photos drew more than 1,600 reactions on Facebook, mostly slamming the man for his behavior, saying he obviously was not a child and should not be entering a women’s bathroom. Some said Alai should have called the police instead of just taking photos and letting the offender go.

However, some acknowledged that unisex washrooms were not unheard of outside Hong Kong, including the mainland, and the man might have thought this was one.

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