The Vietcombank that was robbed. Photo: YouTube

Two bank robbers in central Vietnam were given a life sentence and a 20-year prison sentence respectively by a court last Wednesday.

In September 2018, Tran Hoang Nhat Hung, 37, and Dam Minh Quang, 31, robbed a branch of Vietcombank at 2 Thang 4 Street in the Ninh Hoa Commune of Khanh Hoa province, VN Express reported. They reportedly took 4.5 billion dong (US$192,450.)

They held up bank staff with guns while wearing coats and masks. After the robbery, the two burned their motorbikes, clothes and other evidence.

Tran gave his wife 800 million dong (US$34,160) to pay off debts and buried the rest of the money at an abandoned house near his home. On the day after the heist, the two were having a drink when they were apprehended by police.

On May 8, the Khanh Hoa People’s Court gave Tran a life sentence, while Dam was sentenced to 20 years.

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