A Satpol PP officer demolishing a karaoke establishment. Photo: YouTube.

At least 22 premises that were being used as Karaoke bars in Bogor, Indonesia were demolished in the run-up to the holy month of Ramadan, which begins on the evening of Sunday, May 5.

According to the Bogor Public Order Agency (Satpol PP,) the buildings were located in the Kemang district of the West Java city, The Jakarta Post reported. A spokesperson said the demolitions were in accordance with regulations that prohibit entertainment centers operating during Ramadan.

The Satpol PP stated that they are pulling down night entertainment establishments and they hope that similar establishments do not surface again. The agency reportedly also plans to demolish similar establishments in areas such as Tajur Halang, Parung and Cileungsi.

The authorities informed the owners of the establishments of the demolition plans before actions were taken on May 2. It is reported that a number of owners voluntarily shut down operations, easing things for the Satpol PP.

During Ramadan, regions throughout Indonesia prohibit the operation of entertainment establishments such as karaoke bars and nightclubs, as Muslims are expected and required to focus on fasting and religious activities during the holy month.

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