Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A couple in Indonesia received a shock when they found a dead baby boy inside a plastic bag on a Jakarta rooftop.

On May 5, the unidentified couple BS, 44, and S, 47, found the plastic bag containing the corpse at around 7am on the rooftop of their neighbour’s house on Jalan Beting Remaja in the Koja area, The Jakarta Post reported.

According to the local police, the couple spotted the suspicious looking bag from their second-floor window. BS then used a piece of wood to hook the bag and take it down from the roof.

They immediately reported the finding to the head of their neighborhood unit.

Local police said that another eyewitness known as JS saw a woman and a man engaged in an argument near the scene at midnight on the day before. JS said they were arguing and the woman was carrying a black plastic bag.

JS has described the appearance of the man and woman and the police are carrying on with their investigations.

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