Ramadhani being carried to a plane heading to Singapore. Photo: YouTube

A group of five men in Central Java, Indonesia, have been arrested for allegedly beating a police officer which left him in a coma.

On May 9, Wonogiri police criminal investigation department head Aditia Mulya Ramadhani was attacked during a brawl between two pencak silat groups – an indigenous martial art – in the Wonogiri area, The Jakarta Post reported.

The two groups were identified as the Setia Hati Terate Brotherhood (PSHT) and the Setia Hati Tunas Muda Winongo Brotherhood (PSHW.) Ramadhani was first taken to the Dr Oen Hospital in Surakarta, Central Java, and later taken to the Singapore Royal Hospital.

Central Java police chief General Rycko A Dhaniel said five people have been named suspects, with the number likely to increase. A total of 22 witnesses have been questioned as of May 16.

Evidence such as wooden sticks and stones were confiscated. They are believed to have been used to beat the police officer. Dhaniel pointed out that the brawl was the result of vengeance. Ramadhani was not in his uniform at the time of the attack. No suspects have been publicly named.

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