A Sumatran Tiger. Photo: iStock.

A plantation worker in Indonesia is believed to have been killed in a tiger attack, after his remains were found in a plantation area in Riau.

Colleagues of the victim, 32-year-old M. Amri, found his body in a plantation area known as Kanal Sekunder 41 in Indragiri Hilir Regency in the central north of Sumatra Island on May 23, The Jakarta Post reported.

Amri’s remains were sent to the Pelangiran Community Health Center, where an autopsy revealed that the victim suffered severe wounds to his head and neck.

His friends said they noticed something was wrong when Amri did not show up for a break at around 10.30am last Thursday.

They went looking for him an hour later and used an excavator in the process. While searching for Amri, the workers reportedly came across a tiger in the plantation area, where they soon found the remains.

The local police said they would work with the Riau Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA Riau), as a protected animal may be involved in the case.

BKSDA Riau confirmed that a tiger attack appeared likely to have caused Amri’s death, given the state his body was found in.

BKSDA Riau chief Suharyono said the plantation is a part of the Kerumutan Wildlife Preserve and many Sumatran tigers live in that area.

A medical team and an animal-monitoring team had been deployed to prevent similar attacks, he said.

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