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A man in Indonesia whose dead body was found ripped apart may have been killed in a tiger attack. The body of 61-year-old rubber tapper Abusali Hasbuan was found by locals and police officers on May 16, The Jakarta Post reported. His right arm was missing and his head was found about 50 meters away from his remains.

A tiger is suspected to have mauled him to death in a plantation area located in the Ulu Barumu district of Padang Lawas, North Sumatra. His remains have been taken to the Sibuhuan Hospital for an autopsy.

The victim had not returned from work that night, which prompted his family to go looking for him. Hours later, they found his head near a hut.

His brother Sapran said he thinks his brother was attacked by a tiger that in recent weeks had been causing panic at a nearby village. The same tiger is also suspected to have killed livestock at a nearby hamlet.

The authorities are now working to locate the tiger to prevent additional casualties.

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