Sri Wahyuni Manalip. Photo: YouTube.

Authorities in Indonesia have arrested a businessman after he allegedly tried to bribe a politician to secure local administration projects.

On April 29, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) arrested Bernard Hanafi Kalalo at a hotel in Jakarta when he was preparing to deliver valuable items to Benhur Lalenoh, an associate and confidant of Sri Wahyuni Manalip—the Regent of Talaud Islands, The Jakarta Post reported.

According to the KPK, Kalalo bought Chanel and Balenciaga handbags, a Rolex watch, a diamond ring and earrings worth 463.8 million Rupiahs (US$32,600) at a shopping mall in Jakarta on April 28 and met with Lalenoh before they planned to deliver the gifts to the regent.

Kalalo allegedly bought the items in order to secure revitalization projects of two traditional markets in the North Sulawesi regency.

Manalip is also the wife of a judge in North Sulawesi and is well known for her interests in extreme sports and an extravagant lifestyle.

On April 30, she visited the KPK office and claimed that she was unaware of the gifts and had never accepted them.

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