Indonesian health authorities are on alert. Photo: iStock

Authorities in Batam, Indonesia, are taking measures to prevent a possible outbreak of monkeypox after it was reported in Singapore.

According to AFP, a Nigerian is suspected of catching the virus after eating bushmeat at a wedding. He is a patient in Singapore.

Authorities in Batam have prepared the Batam Free Trade Zone Hospital and the Embung Fatimah Public Hospital to provide special treatment for any patients suspected of carrying the monkeypox virus, The Jakarta Post reported.

Thermal detectors will also be set up at five international ports that connect Batam directly to Singapore.

Didi Kusumajadi, the head of the Batam Health Agency, visited the Batam Free Trade Zone Hospital on May 13 with his team to inspect the facilities. He said authorities will continue to monitor the situation and maintain preventive measures until Singapore is clear of the virus.

Monkeypox is found mostly in African regions. Its symptoms include fever, chills, lesions and muscle aches. It can be caught via close contact with animals that are infected with the virus.

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