The Huawei Mate 9 Pro was among the models that had problems. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Dozens of Huawei users in Hong Kong complained that their phones crashed and froze after the operating system updated on Wednesday.

More than 30 Huawei users rushed to customer service centers of China’s tech giant in Kowloon to ask for help with their handsets. No matter which models they had, they all claimed the handsets did not work, Sing Pao reported.

The outage happened after US President Donald Trump banned Huawei’s equipment from US networks in an effort to protect national security and some software developers, including Google and Microsoft, cut off their business ties with Huawei.

One of those who sought help said her Huawei Mate 10, which she bought in March last year, froze with a black screen for five to six minutes after she turned it on. A white screen later appeared, giving her four options she needed to choose from – “Download latest and restore,” “Factory reset,” “reboot” and “shut down.”

The woman tried three of the options a few times except “original setting,” but had no response. It was understood the operating system had updated automatically the night before.

Another user said her Huawei Mate 9 stayed in the “recovery mode” when she turned it on, Apple Daily reported. She felt frustrated and angry after Huawei staff told her to reset the phone to the factory settings, which meant all her information stored in the handset would be deleted.

Both users said they would consider buying another brand if the problem could not be fixed. Huawei said the company was investigating the issue.

Francis Fong, the honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation, said the situation was strange as it involved various handset models. He suspected it might involve security issues in the updated file sent to the Android handset’s users.

However, he believed it should not relate to Google as the ban for Google cutting off Huawei’s access to the Android operating system was not yet fully in force.

Fong advised Huawei users to change to manually update the operating system and not make any moves until Huawei discovered the reasons for the problems and solved them.

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