A bone-setting clinic in Kowloon’s Tsz Wan Shan displays a controversial banner. Photo: Facebook

When the owner of Hong Kong bone-setting clinic hung a banner outside it saying American tourists would be charged a 25% “tariff,” a photo of it went viral.

The photo shows a big red banner with a white slogan in Chinese saying the clinic requires that American tourists pay a 25% tariff, and that if this causes them any inconvenience, they should take the matter up with the US consulate, news website HK01.com reported.

Heung Kwok-shingm, the owner of the clinic in Fung Tak Estate in Kowloon’s Tsz Wan Shan, said he hung the banner on Monday because he’s very unhappy with the additional tariffs that Washington recently slapped on Chinese goods.

“As a Chinese, I should stand up and support my own country. There’s no reason for me to stand on the side of the Americans,” Heung said, adding that he would be taking down the banner once the US scraps the tariffs or strikes a deal with China.

Heung, who said he has the support of his neighbours, said he would not actually ask his customers their nationality or ask to see their passport.

When asked if he had received any inquiries from American tourists about the additional charges, he replied that he had not actually had any patients from the US, Apple Daily reported.

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