Barangay Patimbao in Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino girl who had been reported missing was found dead inside a rice sack in Santa Cruz, Laguna, in the Philippines.

According to Armie Agbuya, chief of Santa Cruz police, the girl was last seen playing outside her home on Sunday in Barangay Patimbao. Witnesses in the neighborhood said they saw the girl leave with a man identified as Glenn Ford Manzanero, 30, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

The police began searching for the girl after her family reported that she was missing.

Agbuya said Manzanero lured the girl inside his home by offering her an iced dessert. At 9 pm on Sunday, the girl’s body was found inside a rice sack by one of Manzanero’s relatives in the kitchen of their home.

The girl sustained cuts on her neck and a stab wound on her chest. Police said the weapon used to kill the girl were a blunt knife and an ice pick. Manzanero was arrested and confessed to the crime.

Manzanero told the police that he did not know what he was doing as he was “high on drugs” when he lured the girl to his house. He denied sexually assaulting the child.

Authorities will conduct an autopsy on the victim’s body to determine whether or not she was sexually assaulted. The police have filed murder charges against Manzanero.

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