Authorities investigating the crime scene. Photo: Dien Bien Police

A woman in Vietnam was gang-raped and then murdered by eight men who belonged to the same drug ring her mother was part of.

According to police in the Dien Bien province, Vi Van Toan, 37, had told his seven accomplices that Tran Thi Hien owed him money and devised a plan to kidnap her daughter to blackmail her, the VN Express reported. They wanted money and drugs in return.

On February 4, one of the suspects called Tran’s daughter, Cao Thi My Duyen, 22, to place an order for 13 chickens. She then went to the address to make the delivery, where the gang strangled her until she was unconscious and took her to one of their accomplice’s house. From that night until the early hours on February 7, the gang took turns raping her and ultimately killed her.

Her remains were dumped at an abandoned house.

Authorities discovered that But Kim Thu, 44, the wife of a suspect named Bui Van Cong, 44, knew what had happened but kept the information to herself. She pretended to had found the body by chance and tried to mislead the police as well.

Police said the eight suspects had changed their testimonies throughout the investigation. Cao’s mother said she knew none of the suspects and has been detained for questioning.

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