One of the two cement-filled water tanks found on the property. Photo: YouTube

Four Vietnamese women were arrested on Saturday after the decaying bodies of two men were found in water tanks filled with cement at the house they had rented.

On May 18, police in Binh Duong province arrested the women after the two bodies were found at a rented house in Hung Hoa commune in Bau Bang district, VN Express reported.

According to a senior police officer, three of the four suspects have confessed to the murders. They also admitted to putting the two bodies in tanks and filling them with cement. The motive behind the murders was thought to be personal conflicts.

Two of the women, Pham Thi Thien Ha and Trinh Thi Hong Hoa, had been living with the two men since October last year. Additional information, including the way the crime was committed, has yet to be made public.

The bodies were discovered on May 16 when a man who had bought the property was cleaning it up and found a water tank filled with cement. He had some workers break it open and found a decomposing body inside.

Authorities were informed and searched the property and found another water tank filled with cement with another body in it. They said the victims were most likely killed about one month ago. One had 10 stab wounds in his back with a rope around his neck, while the other was covered with tea leaves and packed in glue, silicon and sponge rubber.

The women were arrested when they tried to escape from a hotel room they were staying in.

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