The use of robotics in surgery was a success in Vietnam. Photo: YouTube

A hospital in Vietnam used robotics for the first time in the nation’s history last month to assist in a complicated surgery.

On April 23, the Binh Dan Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City used a robot in surgery to remove a tumor in a 70-year-old woman’s kidney, Viet Nam News reported. The two-hour surgery was overseen by Dr Do Lenh Hung, who said the operation was difficult due to the need to master the technique of using the robot.

The patient has since been discharged from hospital and was making a recovery at home. The tumor was removed by the retroperitoneal route as it minimized any harm done to her abdominal organs and lowered the risk of paralysis.

Before the surgery, the hospital spoke to the patient’s family about the options they could have chosen, including robot-assisted procedures, traditional open and laparoscopic surgeries. They chose the robotic option as it minimized complications.

The use of robotics in surgery makes the procedure less invasive and uses smaller incisions compared to typical surgical procedures. Maneuverable wrists that can rotate 540 degrees plus a 3D camera allowed doctors to have better vision in the surgery and remove the tumor effectively.

According to the GLOBOCAN report issued by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Vietnam had 2,394 new cases of kidney cancer in 2018, with 1,326 people dying from the disease.

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