Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: iStock

The Philippine government has warned Filipinos who are traveling to Hong Kong not to bring any prohibited items in their luggage.

In a statement, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said stun guns, pepper spray, tear gas, bullets, batons and flick knives are considered either “prohibited weapons” or “arms” and that those caught in possession of such items could face penalties.

Under Section 10 of Hong Kong’s Aviation Ordinance, travelers who bring in prohibited items face a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and a fine of HK$100,000. Those with stun devices will be fined and face a maximum jail term of 15 years.

“The Hong Kong authorities are strict with the enforcement of the said ordinance. All hand-carried and checked-in luggage of passengers are subjected to security screening in the airport terminals,” the DFA said.

The DFA said in 2018 that 20 Filipinos have been caught in possession of restricted items without a license at Hong Kong International Airport. In January, a Filipino student bound for Canada was arrested after airport authorities found two extendable batons in his check-in luggage.

“The department reiterates its warning to all Filipinos traveling to or transiting through Hong Kong as visitors, workers, or as residents to make sure they are not carrying restricted items in their hand-carried or checked-in luggage,” the DFA said.

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