Clark International Airport in Pampanga. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Immigration officials barred five Filipinos who presented fake visas at Clark International Airport in Pampanga, the Philippines, earlier this week.

Grifton Medina, the Bureau of Immigration Port Operations Division Chief, said the five Filipinos, all women, were headed to Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Three were bound for Kota Kinabalu to take jobs as nightclub entertainers, while the other two were going to Lebanon as domestic workers, the Manila Standard reported.

“Obviously these women have been victimized by unscrupulous human trafficking syndicates that prey on the poor,” Medina said.

According to the BI, the three allegedly received their job offers online and met someone and each of them paid him 10,000 pesos. The other two presented fake visas to the UAE.

“We must pursue cases against these illegal recruiters to protect our fellow Filipinos from exploitation in foreign lands and fall into prostitution, or be enslaved and given salaries far below industry standards,” he said.

All five of the Filipinas were turned over to the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking for further investigation and assistance.

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