Santa Barbara in California, United States. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino student’s air quality sensor was named the overall winner of the 2019 State Championship in Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement National Engineering Design Challenge in the United States.

Carl Vincent Camilon Cuyos represented the Oxnard High School-University of California Santa Barbara at the competition held at the University of California in Los Angeles on Sunday, GMA News reported.

Cuyos led his team to victory with his design for an air quality sensor called Re-LAQS, or Respiratory Local Air Quality Sensor. In his team were Sara Centeno, who was in charge of research and Jenna Huynh on business; David Pulido worked as programmer and their teacher Nicholas Peterson was the team’s adviser.

Re-LAQS is a sensor built to bring information and awareness to the public, who are vulnerable to air quality changes and potential harmful gases.

“To reduce air pollution threat and health costs, people can use Re-LAQS to measure air quality and take appropriate action,” Cuyos said.

Cuyos said the sensor can be used both indoors and outdoors and runs on a nine-voltage rechargeable battery. It also has a flashing LED light for alerts and can be controlled by an app and using Bluetooth.

Cuyos and his team will participate in the National Championship at the University of Arizona on June 19 to 21.

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