Migrant workers take part in a May Day rally in Hong Kong. Photo: Facebook, AMCB

Filipino migrant workers have called for a minimum monthly wage of HK$5,894 (US$751) for all foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong in a rally on Wednesday, which marked International Labor Day.

The Asian Migrants Coordinating Body said the proposed increase in workers’ salaries was in line with an Oxfam study on what constitutes a “living wage”, sunwebhk.com reported.

The group said in a press release that the current minimum wage of HK$4,520 per month translates to only $9 per hour for a 16-hour working day, and $12 an hour for employees who work 12 hours a day.

The Oxfam study recommended that the hourly rate should be HK$54.70.

Meanwhile, the minimum wage for local workers was adjusted to HK$37.50 an hour on Wednesday.

The protesting migrant workers also reiterated calls for an 11-hour uninterrupted rest plus meal breaks, as well as a clear stipulation in their work contracts on what constitutes unsuitable accommodation.

They also want an end to illegal collections and overcharging by employment agencies.

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