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A Filipino man wanted for murder in Utah, United States, has been arrested after a two-day manhunt by the authorities.

Last Wednesday, the suspect Jonathan Llana, 45, fired shots while inside a vehicle on an interstate highway which resulted in the death of an American driver and leaving his companions wounded, GMA News reported.

After the shooting, Llana was on the run from the authorities for two days and was eventually arrested in southern Idaho on Friday. The Idaho State Police said the suspect had crashed his car into a canal and broken into a house in the area to evade authorities.

Sergeant J.T. Jensen of the State Bureau of Investigation said that they are still investigating the incident and believe it was unprovoked.

“We believe it was a senseless act of violence. We believe the suspect in this incident showed a complete disregard for human life,” Jensen said.

The Box Elder County attorney filed charges against Llana of aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder. Llana faces a penalty of life imprisonment or the death penalty.

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