Talisay City in Cebu. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino man who stabbed his mother because she refused to give him 20 pesos has been arrested and is now detained in a police cell.

According to police in Talisay, Cebu, Jake Obrero, 29, who was thought to be a drug user, asked his mother Mercedita for money to buy cigarettes. She refused and Obrero became angry, GMA News reported.

Obrero took a knife and stabbed his mother, who survived the attack. Obrero’s younger brother Jheepoy tried to stop him from attacking Mercedita and ended up with a cut on his hand.

The mother and brother escaped and ran to the nearest police station to report the incident. Police then arrested Obrero and he has been detained by the Talisay City police.

The two are determined to file charges against Obrero, saying he had caused a lot of trouble for their family. Meanwhile, he has admitted his crimes. If convicted, he may be imprisoned and could have to pay a fine of at least 100,000 pesos.

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