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A Greek Cypriot man who has confessed to killing seven women and girls in Cyprus in recent years has been accused of rape by a Filipino teenager.

It was earlier reported late last month that Nicos Metaxas, 35, a Cypriot army officer, confessed to killing at least seven women and girls. Four Filipino women or girls who went missing in Cyprus over the past two years appear to have been slain by the man, Reuters has reported.

Metaxas lured foreign women via Internet dating sites. The suspect reportedly met the Filipinas, who were domestic workers, through Badoo, a dating-focused social network.

On Sunday at the Nicosia District Court, a Filipina woman, 19, came forward to file a complaint accusing Metaxas of rape.

Neophytos Shailos, head of Nicosia’s Criminal Investigation Department, said the Filipina made contact with the suspect in 2016 when she replied to a modeling job for a photoshoot. The suspect denied the allegation when questioned about it.

Metaxas has yet to be formally charged over the murders, but has already been described as the Mediterranean island’s first serial killer. Revelations about the murders, and claims that he may have killed over 30 women, have unleashed anger against what the president described as police negligence.

Cypriot authorities have been accused of failing to properly investigate the women’s disappearances due to neglect and racism. Many of Metaxas’ victims were Filipinas and many of those who disappeared in recent years were also Asian.

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